Optoelectronic Material

MOCVD Precursors

We provide the highest quality of high purity metal organics from Nouryon (former AkzoNobel), for the MOCVD and ALD process in the making of LED, VCSEL, laser, power amplifier, telecommunication devices, HBT, Compound Semiconductor (GaAs, InP, GaN…) etc. With innovations on the packaging and bubbler design, our high purity metal organics guarantee full saturation and uniform delivery to the last drop that is suitable for all type of epitaxial growth conditions.

  • High Purity Metal Organics (TMAl, TMIn, TMGa, TEGa, DMZn, DEZn, TEAl …)
  • Dopants (CP2Mg …)
MOCVD Precursors

Solar Cell Material

  • DEZn TCO:for Thin Film Solar - CIGS Application and Amorphous-Si Application

    We provide Diethylzinc TCO to fulfill your needs in the CVD process to deposit the ZnO transparent conductive oxide layer on the thin film solar cell. Our DEZn TCO is the first material approved by major thin film solar cell technology turn-key provider, and is used by many thin film solar cell producers throughout the world in producing solar cell panels.

  • TMAl Solar:for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell
    TMAl Solar is the MO precursor used in the atomic layer deposition and CVD process for Al2O3 as passivation layer in crystalline solar cells for improvement on cell efficiency.

Equipment / Supply System

The quality of materials, high safety standards, and equipment up-time are essential in guaranteeing the success of our customers. To ensure the highest purity and quality of our materials and with proven highest safety standards in supplying chemicals to our customers’ processes, we provide high purity chemical/gas supply systems that are used in semiconductor, solar cell, and many more industries.

The following are the type of equipments/services we currently offer:

  • Ultra High Purity Metal Organic Supply System
  • Ultra High Purity Gas Cabinets & Bulk Distribution Systems
  • Ultra High Purity Gas Mixers
  • Liquid to Gas Vaporizers
  • Central Chemical Dispense System
  • Customized Automated Solutions
  • Equipment Installation & Qualification
  • On-Site Services via our experienced engineer team:
    Installation, hook-up, trouble shooting, maintenances
Equipment / Supply System

Engineering Service

Engineering Service

To make sure your fab and production to be equipped with the highest safety standard on your usage of metal organic precursors or other hazardous chemicals, our experienced engineer team can assist you with building and setting up of your fab from day one of the planning stage to final completion of your fab.

In addition to the equipment installation, our certified engineer also could provide you with onsite services to help you deal with the pyrophoric metal organics and other hazardous chemicals, giving you a peace of mind to allow you to focus your effort, time, and energy on your production, which is what matters the most.

Polymer Additives

Flame Retardants

Since 1974, Cassen has been committed to high quality and sustainable supply. We focus on our customers’ functional and regulatory requirements in order to reliably provide suitable products, material and service solutions.

The main criteria for selecting flame retardants contains:

  • Outstanding Thermal Stability
  • Low Blooming
  • Not Acutely Toxic
  • Suitable for Use in Wide Range Applications Requiring Color Stability
  • Good UV Resistance

Cassen provides a variety of RoHS and REACH compliant flame retardants to meet customers’ need.

End product applications:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Wire and Cable
  • Construction and furniture
  • Textile
End product applications

Flame Retardant Synergist

By properly formulating flame retardants and synergist, customers receive better fire-retardant property much efficiently.

  • Antimony Trioxides
  • Zinc Borates

Functional additives:

A wide range of products to enhance cost efficiency and lubrication characteristics.

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Colloidal Calcium Carbonate
  • Synthetic Wax
  • Special Specification Wax
  • Filler

Special Specification PVC Resin:

To meet customers’ requirement of Special Electrical Property, Thermal Stability, UV Resistance, Low Temperature, Non- Toxic etc, in application of Wire and Cable, Medical, Toys etc.

Special Specification PVC Resin

Ferrite Powder

Applications for magnetic compounds for extrusion and calendaring and isotropic flexible magnets:

  • Strontium Ferrite Powder
  • Barium Ferrite Powder